Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We took a little overnight trip to the Eureka, CA area and visited the redwoods again. As we walked through the forest Rick kept saying, "That's a pretty big tree... That's a pretty big tree... That's a pretty big tree."

Paul Bunyan toppled this with one swing of his axe.

Rick says, "That's one big root wad!"

We had been driving through the redwoods for some time when as saw a sign announcing "Big Tree"! We laughed, then parked and walked to it. It's over 300 feet tall, 20 feet in diameter, and 68 feet in circumference. Rick said about this one, "That's a VERY big tree."

We thought this one was just about as big - but with so many giant redwoods everywhere, it's hard to tell!
We drove to the historic town of Ferndale, CA. Ferndale was established in the 1850's on a flat spot between the mountains and the ocean. It is a dairy farming area and very small, but beautiful and homey. Kind of Mayberry-esque. Many downtown businesses and homes have maintained their wonderful Victorian architecture. Here is the Victorian Inn, an old hotel where we ate dinner.

It's for sale!

This is an old church that some one has made into a residence.

We thought this was the prettiest house in Ferndale.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

We took a short hike near Brookings today. The forest floor was carpeted with these green plants. The trail led us to several places that overlooked the ocean. We found this natural bridge. The trail went along steep cliffs that plunged into the ocean. A person could easily trip and fall if they were not careful. The area is called Thunder Rocks.

There are many rivers here in "Wild River" country. The Winchuck River is our favorite one! A few members live up this river and we have taught a family that lives in a cabin on the Winchuck. We are always amazed at the color of the river.
Paul Bunyan, "Babe" and wee little Rick with Eugene!
Not sure what happened- looks like Popeye ran aground here in Trinidad, CA.

Our computer died and we had to take it to Arcata, CA for repair. On our way home we stopped in Trinidad, CA to eat. We saw this lighthouse and decided to take a picture. After posing for pictures we read the information attached to the door and found out this was a replica of the real lighthouse. A mere fraction of the real one.
We paid $9 for this crab at the port, took it home, cut my finger extracting the meat. Got about 4 ounces of meat. Most of you are trying to calculate the price per pound; that would be about $36 per pound!
Our crab did not go easy. He fought a good fight.
To the untrained eye this looks like your every day crab, but it is actually a rare white crab. So rare that it was featured in the local newspaper, given the name "Casper". And to the best of our knowledge still sits at the bottom of the crab tank at the port. I would hate to think that "Casper" was reduced to a crab cake!

These are boats in the port at Brookings. Some boats and the harbor itself were damaged by the tsunami caused by the Japanese earthquake.