Saturday, August 13, 2011

Liam finds an ocean treasure.

Rick and Michelle heading to the mysterious sea cave.

Tanner and Carrie enjoy a relaxing moment in the sea cave before it is completely filled again with water.

Olivia and Gage finding critters that are usually hidden under the waves!

Hana and Hendrix at the end of Secret Beach

Crab Capture

Colorful starfish. (I know it is now considered politically correct to call them "sea stars", which is precisely why I refuse to do it.)

Rick on a REALLY BIG piece of driftwood. Possibly an old redwood root.

Meet Tony and his dog, Sadie. Tony was working on this raft for quite a while, planning to take it out on the ocean, with a tent on it, for an extended cruise. He took it for a test float on the river and someone called the police, who made him take it home and told him not to try it on the ocean, or he would be arrested. Sad to say, he abandoned his (sea) worthy quest.

This is a pretty remarkable feat of nautical engineering, as you can see. Note the water skis.