Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This nice woman walks these dogs around town every day. She often gets stopped while people take a picture. I tell you, people in this area are INSANE about their dogs! Everyone has dogs. There are even dog bakeries.
The newspaper here runs front page stories about dogs. Recently a woman's dog was taken from outside Fred Meyer while she was inside shopping. It was front page news. Then when her dog was found it was front page news. Then, when dog and owner were finally reunited, the front page article was carried over to page three, with an 8 x 10 PORTRAIT of the two!
Another example - people who are arrested for animal abuse will find their names in a front page article. There was a huge front page and page 2 article just last week about a man who owned too many dogs and cats and had neglected them, while on PAGE THREE was a story of a young man who had just murdered HIS MOTHER!
Then, just today this front page story: Lost hunting dog finds a friend.
Rick says this place is going to the dogs.

Whoa! This is a very dangerous place! Straight down to certain death! We crawled out on this little precipice to watch whales spouting off.

This is Arch Rock, one of Eugene's favorite spots. Then again, it might not be. Well, maybe he is on the fence about it.

This is near a place called Secret Beach. (shhhhh)

This amazing place is called Natural Bridge. It's not far from here.

Anytime there is a nice sunset, people flock to the beach to take pictures.

Here is a good representative shot of the Brookings shoreline. Isn't it beeeeeeautiful?
We had a baptism!
Bill was baptized January 2, 2011. Here he is with his "beloved Jeanne", his fiance, who introduced him to the church. They plan to be married April 30.
We are so happy for them, and for Bill to have found the gospel.