Saturday, January 7, 2012

We took a ride up the Rogue River in a jet boat.

We had to wear these horribly stinky life vests for the "dangerous" part of the voyage. These vests had absorbed the sweat of hundreds of people before us. I am not really smiling here, but grimacing from the smell.

This is the turn-around place for the boats. People in kayaks and rafts have died near here.

The "Dinosaur Tree"

We saw five bears along the bank.

One year when there was flooding, the river actually rose up over this bridge!
Soon after moving to Brookings, we encountered The Waving Man. He waves like crazy to all the cars going up and down the highway. He turns around and greets both directions of traffic. He has many different styles of waving, bowing, and even dancing a little.

His name is Ira Tofer. He has been waving at traffic for many years. He is one of the most colorful and endearing characters around town.

Harris Beach sunsets

Seals on river bank

Dylan the tree hugger

Liam and Uncle Cabe

Julian and the giant redwood.

SHHHHHHH! Secret Beach